Succession Planning Services

Getting your business and Finances in the best possible order is a significant part of a succession plan. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners do not plan for an exit or succession and just hope for the best. 

Succession planning protects your legacy, while also ensuring you leave the business you worked so hard to build in the best financial position possible.

It also means you can leave the business knowing you did everything you could to help it- and the team you helped build – flourish into the future.

With our years of experience, we help business owners overcome common and complex challenges associated with business succession planning.

By preparing for planned and unplanned exits, you can stress less about your personal future and your ultimate exit.

Tailored made to suit your personal needs, at Everest we understand your family and dynamic of your business, then talk to you about your plan.

Succession Planning Services

Family Business Succession

Transition your business to the next generation with no gaps in knowledge and a consistent vision with our family business succession planning services.

Business Valuations

What is your business really worth? We will determine an estimate of your business’s market value and provide you with strategies to increase this value.

Exit Planning

Prepare for both a planned and unplanned exit from your business to minimise risk, maximise value, and streamline the process


Estate Planning

Get the legal documents you need to protect your legacy in place and ensure your business is protected if you fall ill or get injured.

Tax Planning and Minimisation

Planning ahead for your capital gains tax can help you effectively minimise your tax obligations to only what you must legally pay.

Exit Structuring

We help you determine whether a sale (whether outright, partial, or vendor financed), merger or alternative exit structure is your best option.


Succession Planning

Being financially prepared for your retirement is one thing, being ready to transition your business to a new owner is another. Be ready for both with Everest Tax & Property.

Strategic Planning

Gather the information and data you need to plan for the short and long term so you can accurately assess when it’s the right time to exit.

The future of your business

Effective business succession planning requires a 3 to 5-year outlook. Far from a short-term transaction, it involves a long-term conversation around future goals, implications and potential opportunities to ensure your business is ready for the transition when the time comes. Whether the journey for your business involves maximising its current potential, extracting value for the owners or developing future leaders, it is important to properly plan and provide for these outcomes well in advance.

If you are a business owner or operating a family business, your business asset often forms a significant portion of your wealth. A well-considered succession plan is crucial for ensuring that value is delivered to the right people, tax implications are managed, the business legacy is realised and long-term leadership health is maintained.

It's never too early to begin planning

Succession planning is also an important conversation in the context of wider family circumstances. Everest Tax & Property also offer wealth transition and succession planning for families.

In some cases, the business successor may already be known. However, a large segment of middle market businesses in Australia is owned by persons who are on or nearing retirement age and have no clear successor or plan in place. When established early, a steady and progressively managed transition will provide certainty and assurance to you and to future generations in an environment of continued growth and compounded wealth. 

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