Sally Wright

Registered Tax Agent
Virtual CFO 

Professional Experience

Sally Wright has been working in the industry for 15 years with experience in VCFO in various companies. She has helped lots of companies achieve great results.

Sally came from China for education, she has a comfortable lifestyle in China but she always felt that she is like a frog living in a well, she can only see a small part of Sky. She went on the internet when she was 15 for the first time, I found this whole new world called Australia, so she left China and came to Australia to study. Now she lives happily and runs her business helping many clients achieve financial freedom.


After graduating from RMIT university, Sally starts her accounting career in the best possible way working from small to medium size businesses to ASX-listed companies, working in every finance function and being involved in business operations, gave Sally a great foundation for today’s work to design business processes from scratch, provide advice on cashflow, measure sales KPI, to run a very successful business. In 2017, Sally studied Social Psychology, Data Analysis and Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University in the USA, it really enhanced her knowledge in a more broaden area of business and be able to help clients achieve more in their business and personal life. 

Personal Profile

Sally has been married to her husband Michael for about 4 years, Michael is an urban designer manager working on government projects. They enjoy their simple life by having breakfast outside the front of their house under an oak tree, watching the world go by, and talking to the neighbourhood, which is always fun.

In 2022 Sally and Michael started a street party on new years eve to have fun and enjoy life with their friends.

Favourite Beverage: Prosecco
Lease Favourite Chore: Dishes

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